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June 5, 2018
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Al Mangal Express – The Home-grown Arabic Street Food Brand

Established in 1990 in Bahrain, Al Mangal Express serves tradional grilled Arabic street food. It offers an exciting spread of famous regional dishes, grills, soups, mezza sandwiches, desserts and beverages. But while it recognizes its blazing past, it also sets the tone for the brand’s regular and future offerings –including fresh oven-baked bread and an exciting spread of flamin’ fresh regional dishes. Truly, Al Mangal Express is committed to serving Arabic favourites from days of old. Since it first opened in Bahrain, Al Mangal Express continued to expand across Bahrain with 11 over 11 locations.

Al Mangal Express now open in the UAE

Al Mangal Express has officially launched in the bustling UAE dining scene, serving its authentic Arabic grills at Al Seef’s waterfront promenade along Dubai Creek aiming to connect Arabic food back to its roots. Al Mangal Express brings together the regional favorites under one roof, the recipes blend together to give you a mouth-watering taste of Morocco, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Iran, Tunis, Qatar and Bahrain. The diners can watch as the chefs work their magic in the open kitchen.

The restaurant’s dining area at Al Seef expands onto a terrace overlooking Dubai’s much-loved creek. Families and friends enjoying a day-out, or exploring the nearby Al Fahidi Historical neighborhood, will be immersed with the chef’s cooking show using a rotating grill and flaming oven.

Serving Arabic grills like the streets of old

Al Mangal Express serves a variety of traditional regional dishes with fresh-oven baked bread. This includes kushari from Egypt, tagine from Morocco, kamounia from Tunisia, and the Emirati favourite, machboos. For those with a sweet tooth, there is a range of specialty desserts on offer, such as lotus cheesecake and karak chai infused karak mousse. Diners can enjoy the refreshing and traditional taste of karak tea, Moroccan tea and Arabic coffee with Emirati coffee beans.

If you are looking for traditional Arabic food with a flair on a budget, this is a must-try! Al Mangal Express will serve a special meal from 7pm until 1am, during the Holy Month of Ramadan, for AED 32. This special Iftar includes soup of the week to start with, served with hummus, bread and two main dishes, such as chicken machboos and lamb haneeth, which will change each week. Laban and dates served during Iftar hours.

Al Mangal Express across the GCC

Al Mangal Express expansion plans in the UAE include an opening at the Last Exit later this summer ; bringing its motto ‘days of old’ to the UAE.The restaurant will focus on serving on-the-go food such as sandwiches, Arabic street food style burgers and desserts. This coincides with Al Mangal Express coming soon to Qatar.