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Bahrain Population & Behaviors

Bahrain Population & Behaviors

Bahrain is a very promising country with a huge potential in the food industry. It is a country that offers its residents a top quality of life as well as an expat-friendly country that welcomes diversity with open arms. On top of that, it is also a nice touristic destination. These are some of the reasons fuelling the nourish of the food industry in Bahrain.

Bahrain, the island country in the middle of the Arabian Gulf

The name Bahrain translates to ‘two seas’ in Arabic. The country is situated in a bay on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf, between Qatar Peninsula and the North Eastern Coast of Saudi Arabia. It consists of Bahrain Island as well as 33 other smaller ones. Bahrain has a population of 1,565,998 and is expected to grow even more during the coming years. Bahrain is a very diverse country in terms of population; the foreigners in Bahrain are more than the nationals. Bahrain has a wide diversity of religious beliefs as well; the majority are Muslims, but there is also Christians (second largest), Hindus, and Buddhists. This is not to mention the other minority religious groups. Most of the population enjoys a high standard of living. All of this make of Bahrain a very good market for businesses.

Bahrain, the touristic country

Bahrain had always been a place of interest for leisure and business tourists. Every year, millions of tourists from across the GCC and beyond experience the best Bahrain has to offer—a superb island setting; a cosmopolitan, relaxed way of life; rich history and culture; exciting major events; delicious food and endless shopping. The country has some significant and unique assets because of its history and archaeology. Tourists visit the country to tour a range of museums as well as religious and historic destinations as Arad Fort or Al Fateh Mosque. We can’t forget to mention all the popular events promoted by the Bahraini government such as the Bahrain Grand Prix Formula 1 race the Spring of Culture annual music event and the shopping festival, which saw sales top $30 million last year. Over the years, Bahrain won various awards for being an attractive touristic destination. Every site in Bahrain has an interesting story to be told and is worth the visit.

Food and tourism go hand in hand almost everywhere. With all the touristic locations we just mentioned, and with tourism expected to reach US$ 1 billion by 2020, the food industry will be growing even more.

A destination for expats

In 2017, Bahrain has been ranked as one of the best expat destinations to live and work in. The kingdom has been given high marks by its expats as a place to work and raise a family and for making foreigners feel welcome. Today Bahrain has become a melting pot of people from different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds attracted by with its hospitality, its modern lifestyle and its delicious food.

Since the life of an expat involves a lot of eating out and trying different restaurants, all types of restaurants and cuisines are found in the country. Over the last decade, the culinary scene has expanded offering new flavors and introducing new cuisines. The choices are vast from the traditional Arabic restaurants to fast food and fine dining, an expat can enjoy different types of cuisine: Asian, French, Italian, Indian, Cuban, Iranian, Persian, Indian, Mexican…

The food industry in Bahrain

The economic performance of Bahrain was noticeably affected after the political events of 2011. However, since then, the economy was stabilized and things got better, the food and beverage industry was doing especially well. In 2012 alone, 94 American franchises were up and running for customers in Bahrain. Nowadays, the food and beverage industry in Bahrain is growing and there is more demand for dining out. In 2020, Bahrain’s food and beverage industry will grow to $3.4 billion.

YYT Food Corp in Bahrain

Dr. Adel Bukhowa established Yum Yum Tree Food Court in Bahrain, June 1996; creating the unique concept of an international style food court; restaurants within a restaurant located in the famous Exhibition road. A place to sit and relax with delicious cuisine from East and West at affordable prices. Since it first opened in Bahrain, this business and its brands continued to expand in major malls, airports, petrol stations, office parks and street-side locations. Establishing a strong presence in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.

In 2016, Global Capital Management, a subsidiary of Global Investment House, Kuwait, acquired the Bukhowa family business giving birth to ‘YYT Food Corporation LLC”.

Today, our food business is a strong GCC entity. Housed under the group name “YYT Food Corporation LLC”. Operating more than 146 food locations. Our brand portfolio with established international brands includes; Vanellis, Pad Thai, Teriyaki, Subway, Al Mangal Express, Tandori, Menchie’s, Yum Yum Tree and much more.

The country still has the capacity for more restaurants to open. At the same time, YYT Food Corp is eager to grow and expand. We are seeking franchise partners with a passion for exceptional food and customer service. For more information visit our franchise on: