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How To Choose food Franchise According to Region Behaviors
July 29, 2018
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August 7, 2018
Build Brand Awareness for Your Restaurant

Build Brand Awareness for Your Restaurant

A brand is everything. It reflects and embodies everything that the company represents. When a brand is utilized right, it can be one of a business’ strongest assets. The question is, how to build brand awareness for your restaurant? How can you grow your brand and turn it from a single restaurant to multiple ones? How can you make your brand an asset, not a liability? Building brand awareness takes years to build if not decades. It is a continuous process. Let’s discuss this process.

Brand-building strategy

The journey to brand awareness starts with creating a new unique personality for one’s own brand; treat your brand as if it is a real human and build its personality around your reputation and deliverables. This will take time as you will need time to conduct research and develop statements that reflect the essence of your brand. “Last year we worked on Vanellis full rebranding. We worked with a marketing agency during few months to review our market positioning and messaging architecture to uncover the essence of our brand strategy. This 1st step was crucial and help us to develop all the visual elements that will communicate our brand ”. says Manal Ikhlaq, Vanellis Marketing Manager.
After completing the first step, you will need then to go on and build a relationship with your target market or niche, based on the personality of your restaurant. These relationships require your full effort and attention as well as the right resources. The quality of the food, the customer service, the delivery service, the advertising materials, or anything the customers come into contact with can help build and grow your brand. Everything plays its rule.
For the final step of your brand-building strategy, seek the help of experts to create a visual impact through the brand identity. The brand identity should reinforce all that is positive about the brand and create an emotional response. The logo and identity should resonate with customers and their lives. Your restaurant should give out feelings of thrill and excitement. Your customers should feel excited to try your food for the first time or excited to be eating there again. Aim for consistency Now that you built a brand, you should always aim for consistency. To do that you need one thing, brand standards. Working on brand standards for your restaurant is a crucial step. It would act as your handy guide when it comes to using your logo, including the size, color, and placement, as well as the usage of the logo in different communication channels. You can’t overlook this step if you ever want to strengthen your brand awareness and make it easy for your franchisees to follow. “At YYT Food Corp. we’ve implemented brand guidelines for each of our brands. This toolkit is used by our team by as well by the third partied we are working with. It allows us to maintain the quality and integrity of our brand’s image.” Says Melanie Jean, Marketing Manager at YYT Food Corp.

Branding and franchise development

When you decide to develop your business to franchise you need to take a look at all your advertising and marketing material to make sure that everything goes well-together, conform to the brand standards of your restaurant, and support what your business is about. Update anything that needs to be updated. Since these materials are the main franchisee tools, they need to come up with detailed and written instructions. This will ensure that the franchisees understand your goals as a chain and the ideal methods of implementation.

Make use of the technology

A dynamic and user-friendly website is crucial for your brand. Your website should simply highlight what you offer. If you’re franchising your restaurant it should actually be your main tool as a franchisor and for potential franchisees. Pay much attention to your website design and allocate the job to a professional. Hire search engine optimization professionals to help you with your website as well. Email campaigns are important as well. Make use of all the data you collected by the franchisees. But keep in mind that, when it comes to Email campaigns, consistency is key. You can utilize options like graphics and craft a simple message to make the most out of your email efforts.

Utilize Public relations

Another vital element of branding is Public Relations. Some brands use Public Relations on its own. If you used public relations to support your marketing efforts, you can guarantee incredible results for your branding efforts. In this case, a Public Relations firm is with a proven record is highly recommended. If you need a quick guideline on how to choose; pick one that has good relationships with the media and has the ability to develop w newsworthy press.