The benefits of getting a franchise from YYT Food Corp
The Benefits Of Getting A Franchise From YYT Food Corp
July 18, 2018
How To Choose food Franchise According to Region Behaviors
How To Choose food Franchise According to Region Behaviors
July 29, 2018

Evolution Of Consumers’ Eating Habits In QSR

Evolution of consumers’ eating habits in QSR

Fast food restaurants are everywhere. They can be really appealing to everyone; kids, teens, and even adults and grownups. Nothing beats satisfying a craving in just a few minutes; stop by the closest restaurant or a drive-thru or grab a phone and order a delicious meal. Over the last few years, a shift in the eating habits of the consumers took place; a shift in technology, travel, and trade have placed food at the center of our everyday life. Food has become not just important but also fun. Due to this shift in the eating habits, the QSR had to adapt and evolve taking into account these new trends.

What are the changes that took place in the eating habits of the consumers?

Lately, two major changes took place when it comes to the eating habits of the consumers. The first one is the higher interest in snacking over regular food. The second is the inclination of more people towards healthier option and vegetarian lifestyles. These changes, in turn, noticeably and heavily impacted the behavior of the QSR.

The idea behind getting a franchise

When an entrepreneur starts his or her own business, he or she can either run it by themselves or go for external help. However, if someone wants to expand and be present in more than one place, franchising becomes an option. A franchise is a win-win deal to both the franchisor and the franchisee; this system secures more expansion to the franchisor. On the other hand, it gives the franchisee a head start and a business boost.

How the food landscape evolved to cope with the changes?

The entire food landscape has evolved to meet new demands driven by consumers’ needs to eat conveniently and at any time. Now that many consumers are replacing meals with snacks and looking for grab-and-go boxes, snacking has become its very own daypart. Many Quick-Service restaurants started leveraging this trend, especially during the past few years.

YYT Food Corp is no exception; the chain impressed this worldwide trend and launched hearty appetizers in all it menus; one would find Potatoes, Chicken wing or Mozzarella sticks in Vanellis, Shrimp and Chicken Satay in Pad Thai, Spring rolls, Gyoza and Tempura in Teriyaki.

As we mentioned above, another form of evolution in the eating habits is how more people are turning into a more health conscious or a vegetarian lifestyle. This is very common among younger generations. Many have been into healthier, less processed, and more sustainable food options. For that, many QSR groups work on initiatives to develop strategic calorie design, reduce sodium and add more produce and whole grains to create healthier menu items. This is exactly what YYT Food Corp have been working for during the past period.

At YYT Food Corp, many menus have been developed with vegetarian options as well. Almost all menus include vegetarian options now. “Since 2016, we’ve noticed an increasing demand from our customers for vegetarian options. Nowadays, people are coming more health-conscious and are trying to take action on health by reducing their meat consumption. At Vanellis you can now order vegetarian pizza and customize your own veg pasta with fresh vegetables.” Says Manal Ikhlaq, Vanellis Marketing Manager. You can also find vegetarian Pad Thai or Fried rice in Teriyaki, an extension of our food items with Tofu to evolve with the customer needs. Now almost everyone can pick a restaurant and find out what suits their preferences easily.

YYT Food Corp is also health-conscious when it comes to cooking and serving food. All ingredients served by all restaurants are fresh and the food is made to order and cooked right by the eyes of the guests; what you see is what you get. YYT Food Corp’s goal is to simplify ingredients while maintaining the flavors that the customers love and expect.

The adaption of the QSR

The QSR trends are always evolving as consumers’ tastes, lifestyles, and habits changing so often. The QSR industry has to adapt to meet the different demands and needs. YYT Food Corp is always flexible when it comes to change. Healthier food items and snacking options are not the ends of it. For now, you can just visit a restaurant and get your favorite snack or a delicious vegetarian dish easily. Let’s wait and see what the future holds for YYT Food Corp and the QSR industry.