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June 5, 2018
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How To Photograph Your Restaurant And Food Like A Pro

Professional food photography

Pro photography helps your business immensely, both on your website and your social media pages, by making the food you prepare and serve at your restaurant look its best. Professional food photography doesn’t have to be done with professional photographers though. The good news is that you can take your own professional food photos and make them look just as good, just like we do with all our brands at YYT, driving more traffic and more engagement on your pages and portraying the food and beverages and atmosphere of your restaurant in the best possible way.

Food photography tips

You can take good, professional level photos with your iPhone if you know how to do it right. A few general tips to remember when taking photos of your food are to always use a tripod unless you’ve got steady flat light to work with. You should also use a low ISO and slow your shutter down and your tripod will help to get a good, clean shot. You should also try to shoot in daylight, which tends to be the best for shooting food but avoid direct sunlight as it makes for hard shadows. It is also good to leave some things up to the viewer’s imaginations. You don’t have to show them everything, and sometimes it’s okay to get up close and personal with the subject of the photo. The texture and vibrant colors of some foods can make it look better, while in some cases, it helps to zoom out.

Some general tips to remember when photographing food are if the food looks good to your bare eyes, it will probably look good for the camera too. Some exceptions to this rule include meat entrees that shoot well when cut up or shoot better slightly undercooked. When it comes to the selection of your plates, elevated views of the plate are far more appealing to the viewer’s eye than shooting the food on a flat surface. If you do have a flat surface, shooting the food from a bird’s eye view helps make for a better photo.

Post-photography enhancement and preparation also make for good final photos for their use on your website or print materials. Use Photoshop to do this, as all images should be sharpened to some degree and color-treated. However, always make sure to stay away from using flash when shooting food. Use natural, available light instead.

Restaurant photography

In order to prepare your restaurant to be photographed, you should turn on every available light in your restaurant to reduce the noise of digital photography. Photoshop also provides limitless opportunities for enhancing your restaurant’s photos, but avoid flash here too. Try to capitalize on the location and lighting of your restaurant as much as possible, as well as the ‘décor’ and ambiance of your restaurant’s interior. You should also always try to keep it simple, incorporate simple photography techniques like depth of field, and post your photos on your social media pages as much as possible.

At YYT Food Corp, we work with the magic of natural light and interior decoration to get up, close and realistic with our food photography. To get a ‘taste’ of our pro-photography, follow the Vanellis Instagram page here .