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September 18, 2018
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Breakdowns happen all the time in the Quick Service Industry. Someone’s order gets confused with someone else’s, the food arrives cold, the system is down or a waitress spills water on guests. Situations like this are unavoidable in this industry. These situations might seem catastrophic from the first glance. However, they can actually be very good for the business. The secret word here is Customer Service Recovery. The term refers to the response that the QSR takes for failing to provide a service or meeting the expectations of customers. With a good customer service recovery system in place, you can turn any breakdown into an opportunity. Let’s talk more about the importance of customer service recovery in QSR.

It is all about how you handle it

It’s not a matter of if the mistake will happen or not. It’s a matter of when the mistake will happen. As an operator, you must be completely ready to handle any failures. You failed. However, the customer doesn’t care about the failure. He doesn’t care about you feeling sorry. All he cares about is how you will handle it. What is your strategy? That is the number one reason why having a customer service recovery system is extremely important.

A make or break deal

Building on our previous point, how you react will help decide the fate of the relationship with the customer. You can either win the customer for life or have him take his business elsewhere. To make the most out of a bad situation, you need to react fast with the appropriate service failure response. You can fix the problem, but how you fix it is what matters. You need to give your customer a sincere apology, let them talk about the problem from their point of view, then immediately fix the problem. It is important not to miss the follow-up step to make sure that the problem is fixed. All of these steps will require intensive planning and employee training from your side.

Brand Reputation

Not having a good customer service recovery can cost you more than a customer or two. It can cost you the reputation of your brand. We are not exaggerating. It is very true, especially in the social media age we live in. People like to share their experiences with others either to share good news or to get sympathy. Others like to re-share stories to be supportive of their friends and family members. Anything can easily go viral nowadays, so make sure you go viral for something good. Have it be a goal not to lose a customer or two, but to gain hundreds.

Master your customer service recovery

A customer service recovery system can be very hectic to adopt, no doubts. It requires lots of planning and training. You will need to invest money, time and resources. However, once adopted, many of the company’s worst situations will turn into a series of customer satisfaction, relationship building, and eventually repeated business. A business without a customer service recovery is not a sustainable business. It is time you adopt a system of your own and master it.