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October 22, 2018
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Opening of Teriyaki Experience 2.0 in Mall Of The Emirates Dubai

Teriyaki Experience 2.0 in Mall Of The Emirates Dubai

Teriyaki Experience 2.0 in Mall Of The Emirates Dubai

Marking three decades in the quick service segment, Teriyaki Experience is all set to offer a food experience at Mall of The Emirates branch in Dubai . The first Teriyaki Experience restaurant was founded back in 1986 in Canada. As of today, the Japanese brand is made of 110 franchises worldwide and opened its doors in the GCC first in 1996. After closing for about two months, Teriyaki Experience is back with a new look, a new taste, and a new experience. What changes did the QSR undergo? What does Teriyaki Experience look like now? Let’s tell you.

Teriyaki Experience closes to come back stronger

Originally, Teriyaki Experience offers Japanese food to guests who crave the bold flavors and the quick service with a healthier twist. All the items are prepared fresh-to-order and cooked on the famous teppanyaki grill. “We closed to come back with a new look, a new taste, and a new experience. We wanted to feature more premium Japanese-food to attract a new generation of guests and to provide a fun and more authentic culinary experience.” Says Melanie Jean, Teriyaki Marketing Manager.

Teriyaki Experience comes back with a completely new look

This Teriyaki Experience revamp involves two different aspects: a new design and an updated menu.

A fresh design

Teriyaki Experience launches its new restaurant design to complete its brand refresh at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. The new design features a fresh, modern energy and reinforces the brand’s value proposition of authentic Japanese food with fresh ingredients made to order. You can hear the sizzling of the meats, smell the aromas of the veggies, and see the steam rise to the ceiling. The rebranding didn’t just stop at the new restaurant design; Teriyaki Experience’s rebranding also includes new product packaging, employee uniforms, new digital menu boards to offer a new customer experience.

A new deliciously packed menu

All Teriyaki Experience’s menu items were revamped. With over 38 mouth-watering dishes to choose from, including the famous Japanese bento box with Veg and non-veg option, signature dishes with new portions of mixed vegetables, paired with the different Japanese sauces and served with fried gyoza and a range of appetizers, there is something for everyone. Guests now will also have the possibility to design their own Teriyaki bowl to their taste by choosing their base, protein, and sauce. All the sushi fans will be excited to know that the sushi offers have been upgraded and made daily by our Chef. How delicious does that sound? To offer this upgraded menu, all employees went through an intensive 3 weeks training.