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The Changing Market For Food Delivery



The changing market of food delivery and its impact on restaurants

As online food delivery apps expand and provide customers with an increased list of choices and options with convenience, they allow customers to order from a wide range of restaurants with a few simple taps on their mobile phones. The business of food delivery is going through a rapid change across the world. It also affects the food industry. The most common form of delivery in terms of food options tends to be pizza places or fast food burger places. However, as more and more restaurants become a part of online food delivery platforms, they can now reach a wider group of customers. At YYT Food Corp, in addition to our partnership with delivery platforms, we have developed our own call center in Bahrain, and we will also be opening one in the UAE in 2018.

The delivery and cheaper development

The increasingly changing delivery market and customers who choose to order food online makes for many benefits for restaurants. While food delivery was established a long time ago, the recent trend of ordering online has resulted in a boost for restaurants that offer delivery options. Online ordering, in the shape of restaurant websites as well as mobile apps, has helped increase restaurant significantly. This has brought with it a new surge of food delivery customers rather than just customers that visit the restaurant in person. However, while this means more customers, it also means more competition. No matter the type of food you make and serve, its likely that there is someone else who does the same on food delivery apps. But this isn’t a negative aspect. All this means is that whatever type of food you serve, you will find a customer base to serve to.

More competition also means you have more innovative delivery methods. Now, restaurants don’t have to hire their own drivers and cars for delivery – third-party apps do that courier service for you, such as UberEATs, and Deliveroo. This has helped cause a huge rise in sales for full-service restaurants that traditionally didn’t consider delivery options. YYT Food Corp brands are available on multiple delivery platforms in the UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar.

More delivery also means more chance for your restaurant to interact with the customers. Whether they get it delivered or picked up or choose to dine in, every online sale you make is an opportunity to interact with and establish a relationship with your customers. This possibility of more interaction leading to more sales in the future also results in more revenue in the future.

The importance of packaging for food delivery

Packaging plays a major role as food delivery options continue to grow. It’s a way for your restaurant to output more of a dining experience for their customers outside of the restaurant. Good packaging can make the delivery service more convenient, enjoyable and bring a bit of your brand’s personality right to the doorstep of your customers. This establishes your brand presence and identity, as well as the continued loyalty of your customers, even as they order your food at home instead of opting to dine in. As the delivery experience continues to grow, every little attention to detail counts, as it is now the extension of the brand’s personality. With the increased competition comes the increased need for your brand to stand out, and packaging plays a major role in helping establish your presence in the homes of customers.

This also leads to the importance of correct customer care in the food industry. It is crucial to have a platform for your customers to be able to get in touch with you, whether it's for inquiries or complaints so that they can be replied to and addressed instantly. With the correct standard of customer care in place, restaurants get the valuable opportunity to build a reliable relationship with their customers. .