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Restaurant Partnership Opportunities
April 18, 2018
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May 3, 2018

The Difference Between Local Restaurants And Global Food Franchises

Difference between local restaurants and franchises

Introduction about the types of food

There are a whole host of differences between local restaurants in comparison to global food franchises. The main one, naturally, is the difference in the types of food. Local restaurants focus on ethnic cuisine, that of the region. This means they offer more traditionally prepared food based on traditional ingredients, recipes, and methods. Their menu tends to be limited according to the cuisine they offer, keeping within the same general scope.

In contrast, the types of food offered through global food franchises are of a different kind altogether. While they offer more or less of a uniformity in terms of menu worldwide, they bring a whole range and variety of cuisines from around the world, right to the UAE. This can range from American fast food, to Italian cuisine, to Indian food, as can be seen with YYT Food Corp.’ brands Teriyaki, Tandori, Vanellis, Pad Thai, and Subway.

The GCC and UAE food style

The food style of the GCC, and especially of the UAE, is a colorful blend of many different cuisines, including Middle Eastern and Asian. This food style consists of a lot of dairy, grain, and meat, as well as vegetables. Popular local dishes include mansaf, goozi, machboos and much more. Many of these dishes tend to be stews, featuring strong flavors using herbs and spices such as saffron, cardamom, turmeric, and many more. Meanwhile, breakfast foods such as raqaq, chebab and khameer tend to consist of ingredients such as cheeses, dates and other dried fruits, as well as eggs. UAE sweets feature indulgences such as luqeymat, made using batter, date honey, and sesame seeds. Customers can enjoy this traditional Arabic street food in our new location in Al Seef, Dubai Creek.

The fast food/ global food concept

The fast food/ global food concept is one of the most popular around the world. They tend to be the most familiar restaurants to consumers. These include many popular global chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King, amongst many others.

The main attraction of the fast food concept is its speed, convenience, familiar taste, and value for money. Fast food restaurants also tend to be global chains. Their unifying concept is essentially mass-produced food, prepared quickly and served quickly. The fast-food concept also features drive-throughs and take-out options.


There is a stark difference between food cultures around the world, and especially between traditional cuisines made through local restaurants versus the food culture of fast food restaurants. While the food culture of traditional food involves time to be prepared, specific ingredients found regionally, and have a range of methods and alterations; the culture of fast food is vastly different.

Fast food culture tends to focus more on the ease and speed of dining. With a set of ingredients, pre-prepared food and set methods, customers receive the food they know and love in a short amount of time, with quick preparation and quick service, available for dining in or taking out/drive-throughs. This fast food culture seems to take more prominence in the UAE, as previously mentioned, their diet is increasingly cosmopolitan and multicultural.

The fast food concept is also easier to dive into, being an easier business opportunity to open a restaurant franchise in comparison to starting a local, independently owned restaurant. At YYT, we believe in offering our customers a diverse range of food concepts, bringing them traditional and local food as well as global, multicultural food to meet the needs of the GCC market.