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Analyzing promotion in QSR
September 18, 2018
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October 22, 2018
Kids meals in QSRs

Kids meals in QSRs

Eating out on weekends, passing by a QSR on your way to run errands, or ordering a home delivery is a whole new experience when you have kids. You can ask any parent. Offering kids’ meals can give you a huge added value over the competition. Adding a dedicated kids’ meal will not only increase your sales but can completely change the way you do business. Although a few QSR are taking part in this trend, many still don’t get how crucial it can be. Still don’t think that offering a kids’ meal is worth the time and effort? By the end of this article, you will get an idea of how important offering a kids’ meal can be.

How important is having kids’ meals in QSR?

Many QSR adopted kids’ meals years ago. With this trend emerging again, some chose to adopt it and other dropped it. What many don’t know is that offering kids’ meals is a strategic move in the QSR industry. This is true for many reasons. You know how putting the needs of your child before yours is a common parenting thing? Customers will think twice before they step into a restaurant if it has nothing appropriate for their kids to eat. That is one reason why a kids’ meal makes the restaurant a viable choice. Parents might want to have their kids’ palate more adventurous to spark their interest in food. A kids’ meal will come in very handy then.
“Vanellis is the answer to the common problem parents struggle with, getting their kids to eat a healthy meal in a food court setting. The pasta with fresh vegetables and chicken is a perfect match for the nutrients kids need for growth. The kids are more likely to be excited and enjoy the pasta if they make it fresh with their choice of sauce and add ons while the chefs at Vanellis cook the pasta infront of the kids.” Says Manal, Vanellis Brand Manager In many cases, kids will be the ones dragging their parents to a restaurant just because it offers appealing kids’ meals. Kids get bored from the regular homemade meals. They need change. That is another reason not to hesitate regarding kids’ meals. Offering a dedicated kids’ menu gives the child a sense of freedom and independence; for one day they can choose to eat what they want and not feel forced to eat what’s offered for the whole family at home.
How about sales? In terms of sales, kids’ meals can help drive sales drastically. Imagine how adding menu items like an ice cream or a chocolate cake can noticeably drive your sales. The same goes for kids’ meals. A Parent that goes into the QSR will order one of those meals for their kids to give them the restaurant experience. Adults may keep coming back to a QSR just because they have childhood memories there. This may sound like an extreme, but it is true. If your parents used to take you for a kids’ meal in a certain restaurant, you are very likely to have an emotional and a psychological attachment to that place. And it’s very likely that you keep going back to that restaurant. Simply, a kids’ meal can help you build memories with the customers.


Restaurants nowadays are investing to create appealing meal choices for kids. Having kids’ meals is no longer a matter of choice for QSR, but a new normal. Some QSR even took their kids’ menu to the next level. They started to offer a wide range of meals, introduce healthier options, and count the calories for each meal. It is time you offer your own kids’ menu and be part of this emerging trend.