The difference between QSR and Fast Casual Restaurants
April 12, 2018
Teriyaki In The UAE
Teriyaki Experience In The UAE
April 18, 2018

The top QSR and Fast Casual food trends of 2018

top QSR and Fast Casual food trends

top QSR and Fast Casual food trends

The future of fast food

The top QSR and Fast Casual food trends of 2018 are predicted to be all the more exciting for our customers.
From Italian restaurants to Thai restaurants, the predictions are that our customers will want even bigger, bolder flavors, combined with healthier ingredients, healthier indulgences, and drinks and dishes that are not only tasty but are also presented well, worthy enough for social media.

The difference between the styles

In 2018, a few trends to take note of will be that there will be even more value for customers. As restaurants in the QSR and Fast Casual sectors continue to have increased competition and increased demand for better quality, taste, and presentation, there will also be an increase in value for your money.

Top trends:

1.The presentation will have to surpass the food, as more people need an incentive to experience dining out.

2. It’s going to have to affect the ambiance of the restaurants too, with an increased demand for entertainment in restaurant locations, an increase in use of technology, entertainment for children, and open-kitchen concepts to see the food being prepared before your eyes.

3. Another direction these trends are leaning towards is a higher demand for healthier food, including indulgences like desserts and sweets. While customers want to indulge and experience these delectable treats, they also don’t want to feel guilty for doing so, and here lies the responsibility for brands to use healthier ingredients in the food they prepare.

4. Additional trends cover more exotic flavors where beverages are concerned, using more activated charcoal in foods given its aiding in cleansing the system and digestion, food that looks good enough to be posted on Instagram, and a rediscovery of traditional foods, as well as contrasting flavors of savory, sweet, tangy and exotic.

5. And more than ever before, as the world we live in continues to go faster and faster, the demand for faster food is ever-present.

6. Finally, the prediction of 2018 being “The Year of the Guest” is more prominent than ever. Diners want restaurants to help them get the food they crave, when they crave it, and how they want it prepared. For the food industry, this means providing customers with delectable, wholesome food that satisfies their cravings whilst also being clean and healthy.

One step further in the Year of the Guest brings us to an increased demand in this crave-able food being delivered right to their doorsteps through digital purchasing mediums, including web, mobile, and kiosks.

This craveable food covers trends such as street-food inspired dishes, ethnic-inspired breakfasts, authentic ethnic cuisine, fresh ingredients, simplicity, and going back to the food basics.

At YYT Food Corporation, we aim to offer different cuisines from around the globe including Italian, Japanese, American, Indian and authentic Arabic food.

In our ongoing efforts to meet all of our customers’ demands and stay on top of the latest trends, we will be launching this year a new menu for our Teriyaki Experience featuring healthier options, as well as a new Arabic concept of a street-food-inspired menu.

Since February, we opened a new dining destination in Al Seef, the new waterfront promenade on Dubai Creek. Customers can enjoy for the very first time Italian, Thai and Arabic cuisine under one roof in a new exciting way of dining out.

To satisfy your food cravings with our up-to-date, trendy, and delicious food we are also planning to expand our delivery areas across the GCC