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August 30, 2018
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Tips for Designing Great Food Packaging

Top Tips for Designing Food Packaging

Top Tips for Designing Food Packaging

The importance of good packaging to a QSR is undebatable. Most of the time packaging is the first point of contact that customers come across and will affect how consumer perceive your brand. A good packaging will help you stand out and be memorable: “First impressions matter”. It can either keep customers coming back or turn their back to the competition. Although the benefits are endless, some operators underestimate its importance. Together we will discuss some food packaging tips that can help you stand out. This includes the convenience, colors, creativity, and values.

Be convenient

If we were to describe QSR in one word, it would be convenience. That is why the packaging should be as convenient as the concept. Imagine yourself rushing out of a restaurant with your food. What is the worst package-situation that could happen to you? The package might get cut or the food might leak. That is not convenient. A convenient package should be designed to handle today’s fast pace of life; everyone is rushing to work, rushing to a meeting, or rushing from the gym. That is why the package should be designed to handle this. It should be simple, lightweight, easy to carry, and the material doesn’t cause leaks. A convenient package should also keep your food warm and fresh until you get to your destination. Don’t forget to design a range of different sizes of your package to suit every situation from a single person up to an entire family.

Choose the right colors

The color palette of your packaging is one of the first things that capture the customer's eye. You need to choose the colors carefully. To resonate with the customers, you can pick colors from your brand identity or colors that relate to what you offer. For instance, a vegan restaurant with green packaging is very appealing to the customers. ‘When we worked in 2017 on Vanellis new packaging we knew that one of the most important thing will be the color. Color evoke emotions and most of the time impact customers’ buying decision. To be sure to represent our brand’s personality and to stand out on food court table we’ve decided to pick “The Vanelli’s Rosso” as part of our brand’s iconography.” Says Manal Ikhlaq, Vanellis’ Marketing Manager.

Get creative

It’s time to get creative and set yourself apart from the competition. Experiment with an element or two; try different fonts, printing effects, and substrates. Don’t get tempted to use many elements. It is a pitfall for many decision makers. After all, simple designs, as opposed to cluttered ones, capture the hearts and help messages come across easier.

Reflect your values and personality

Your package is a great way to reflect your values, it’s the physical representation of your brand. Think of it as the perfect outlet to communicate what you believe in to your customers. It will reinforce the authenticity of the brand and build the powerful connections that lead to customer advocacy as it is closely associated with perceived food quality. Lately, many people choose to live a conscious-life. Environmentally-conscious people will be attracted to try your food just because you believe in something that they believe in. Some think of QSR packaging as merely a way to protect the food, but good strategists know it does more. We don’t exaggerate when we say that QSR food packaging is an experience on its own. A good package can sell itself and be your own ambassador. That is why you should not compromise when it comes to the quality and design. Hire a professional agency, experiment with different options, and take your time to find the perfect package.