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June 5, 2018
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June 5, 2018

Tips For Restaurants To Thrive In The Mall Food Court

The competition in food courts

In an increasingly competitive market, fast food restaurants have to begin new ways of marketing that align with their customer’s behaviors. For many consumers, the food court is the first place to visit in the mall. There are a whole range of QSR options. And some QSRs are thriving thanks to their careful balance of operations, food and services, and marketing that can help uplift the QSR sector and bring more success to mall food courts, from the food court restaurants branding to the employees of the restaurant. However, waiting for customers to come to you isn’t effective anymore. Brands need to engage more with them, and bring them back for more visits in the future, always aiming to stay top of mind for customers. But instead of going back to old methods such as direct mail and coupons, you need to commit to new methods of marketing that match the ever-changing behaviors of today’s customers.

How to capture customer attention

There are a number of tips to capture the customer’s attention today. First, you should aim to socialize with your customers like a human. Too many brands today use social media with the traditional mentality of marketing. Rather than crowding your social feed with calls to action such as ‘buy now’ or ‘try this food’, you should post things that result in a real interaction from the customers. Quick service restaurants need to interact and engage with their customer’s posts about their restaurant. They should also something fun and unexpected that are aimed at the fans and not just for the brand.

You should also build loyalty through customer reward programs. Customers like being rewarded for their loyalty towards the brand, and you can do this today through the use of apps, so customers can collect points and engage with the brand.

Also, bringing the food to your customers is also one way of capitalizing on the new consumer behaviors that provide new opportunities for quick service brands. While today’s customers spend time in malls, they also spend more time at home, binge-watching TV shows and movies, and during these sessions at home, food cravings set in. This is the ideal opportunity for QSRs to capitalize on. With third-party delivery, brands inside food courts are now in the position to deliver to people at home. Most of our brands are available for ordering on Talabat, Zomato and Uber Eats in the UAE, Talabat, Tauseel and Carriage in Bahrain, and Talabat in Qatar.

Main factors to build customer loyalty

Other main factors used to build customer loyalty are creating an increased presence on your restaurant’s social media pages and websites, engaging more with your users, providing the best service and food that you can, and revamping your look and ambiance as much as possible to stand out in the crowd of restaurants in the crowded mall food court. You should also always aim to provide the best value for your food too, and keeping up to date with current food trends, as well as training your staff to maintain a presence that attracts a greater footfall to your restaurant.

The YYT Group has a wide variety of offerings in mall food courts, such as Subway, Vanellis, Pad Thai, Teriyaki, and more.