Teriyaki Experience 2.0 in Mall Of The Emirates Dubai
Opening of Teriyaki Experience 2.0 in Mall Of The Emirates Dubai
October 22, 2018
Why QSR mobile advertising is more important than ever?
October 22, 2018


You work hard on your marketing to get people to come into your QSR. That is only the first step. You then need to design a deliciously attractive menu to get people to order more and visit again. The menu may be the most important internal advertising tool used to sell to the customers. Your menu is the only piece of printed advertising that you are 100% sure will be carefully read by your guests. It’s the perfect opportunity to say it all to your customers once they are inside your QSR without making them feel like you are selling anything. Designing a menu that works require lots of planning, understanding of the customers’ psychology, and capital investments. The process can be lengthy and costly. However, so much depends on the menu not to give it all it takes. You need to know that, If done right, you will notice speedy results. Now the question is, how can one create a menu that is appealing and effective.

Keep it short and simple

The first word in QSR is quick. The process needs to be quick to achieve its purpose. The quicker the process, the more customers that the restaurant serves every day. Keeping the menu short and simple to browse is a very strategic move. It reduces the decision-making time and thus helps the queue move quicker. The shorter menu is also very easy for employees to master in terms of preparing the food and answering inquiries. With a simple menu, you get simple ingredients. It saves the hassle of having to stock up on lots of food. Your meal descriptions should be short too, but don’t be tempted to skip them.

Promote your offers right

Many studies proved that, for some reason, people tend to look at the top right corner of the menu first. That is why it is always recommended to promote your offers in that section of the menu. You can always use that section to promote menu items that are most profitable.

Go for the best-sellers

There is a popular belief that a menu should highlight items that don’t sell well. In contrary, your best sellers should always be the star of the menu and get the best attention. The delicious plates will keep customers coming to your QSR and eventually try other dishes on your menu. You can place your best selling items as your first choices in every category. This way, you guarantee that the customers’ eyes will automatically notice them.

Be careful how you display the price

Displaying the prices on the menu can be tricky. You might be tempted to display them in bigger fonts for them to be clear. The truth is, your design should give more attention to the name of the meal rather than the price. The customer should make the decision based on the items that sound better not based on the price. That is why the font of the price should be smaller than that of the item name. If you want, you can unify the font throughout the menu, but don’t make the font of the price bigger. Another well-known technique when it comes to displaying prices is the anchoring. Let’s say that you offer two different sizes of fries. Adding a third and more expensive option will make the medium size look less expensive. This is a perfect technique since most people like to go for the middle option.

Menu engineering

There are more tips and tricks than we can mention in one article. Menu engineering is a science. It is the study of both the popularity and profitability of the different menu items. And the placement of the different items on the menu based on the results. Menu engineering tackles everything from design to pricing and more to increase the profitability per guest. You can always read more about it or hire an expert that can be fully dedicated to your QSR.

Invest in a visually appealing menu

It’s a fact, 1st impression matter. According to HubSpot, 46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies. A well-designed menu is your fastest way to higher sales. When you have pictures that show exactly what your customers can expect will help them to make satisfying choices and stimulate appetite. They’ll feel more comfortable ordering and when you meet and even exceed expectations, you’ll drive repeat business. The design should be simple and uncluttered. The typography should be readable. You can opt for using symbols or icons to draw attention to items of your menu and generally improve its layout. You can use lines or boxes to separate the different menu categories and make it more clear for the guests. Operating 9 different brands it’s fundamental that our menu layout reflects our restaurant concept. All our menu reflects a specific theme from the font via the pictures to the color scheme. We’re paying attention to every details. We’re conscious that pictures play a central role mainly in the GCC. Visual element has such a powerful impact on food choice, pictures will help customer to have a better vision of what we offer and limit the uncertainty with certain food items, thereby increasing their confidence in the choices they’ve made. Says Melanie Jean, Marketing Manager at YYT Food Corporation.

It all goes down to the food you offer

We can create an extremely effective marketing plan and design a perfectly-looking menu, but still, don’t achieve the results we aspire. It all goes down to the actual food that you offer. It is what keeps the customer coming back for a second or a third experience. It’s good to renew the dishes you offer every once in a while. Hire experts, experience with ingredients, and get creative with flavors. However, don’t forget the concept of your restaurant. Every item on your menu should work in the QSR setting. It should also be consistent with the cuisine that you serve.

It is time to give your menu a makeover

How many of these previous tips apply to your menu? Don’t you think it is time to give your menu a makeover? Don’t worry if you are not satisfied with how the menu looks like; it is a constant work in progress.