Bahrain Population & Behaviors
Bahrain Population & Behaviors
July 15, 2018
The success story of YYT Food Corporation
The success story of YYT Food Corporation
July 16, 2018

Tips To Find The Right Delivery Partner

Tips to find the right delivery partner_YYT Food Corp

In our last article, we talked about the food delivery revolution with the rise of third-party delivery platforms. This global transformation allows today customers to order from a wide range of restaurants with a single tap on their mobile application, or with a quick call. Working with third-parties partners to enter the delivery market help the restaurant to reach a wider range of customers and increase their brand exposure without having to invest in their own online delivery platform. This expansion allows restaurants to explore new revenue streams with a full logistic delivery system but they have to keep in mind that customer expectations are high and the level of service satisfaction is crucial to long-term success. Choosing the right delivery partners to carry your brand is fundamental, mistakes and omissions in deliveries can be costly!

How to choose the right partner?

To some, ordering food from your restaurant might be their first encounter with the brand. You need to make of it a ‘memorable experience’. This first delivery can either build or burn. This is why operators should take their time, investigate, check reviews, and ask for testimonials and statistics.

You need to choose someone that fits your business; you should hire a delivery partner that is specialized in delivering food and nothing else. You can check their portfolio and make sure that the company is of high reputation and that the employees are well-trained and highly experienced. You can ask to your networks or business partners for referrals, just to be sure. You need to check out their means of transportation and equipment and make sure it’s up to date and well- maintained. Hygiene is really important element, especially with food delivery; make sure that the delivery partner understands the basics of hygiene. A major point of comparison among delivery companies is speed. It is also a basic customer-pleaser. The delivery partner of choice should be fast.

A final tip is to say no to long-term commitments; you should be able to easily walk away when the delivery company doesn’t mirror the quality you seek. You can try multiple delivery partners before you land on the perfect one. A period of supervision is very crucial as well.

“We strategically choose our delivery partners to further drive our performance and enable us deliver a world class product. A task we know requires full team engagement and a thorough on boarding process co- ordinated meticulously by our operations team. This allows us to achieve our shared team objectives and for every customer to receive their order as if it had just been cooked in front of them.’ mentioned Octavia Prendergast, Marketing Manager at YYT Food Corp.

Why is it important to choose the right delivery partner?

Since ordering food from home is very common, restaurants should always be prepared with good delivery partners. A bad delivery partner can wreck your business and affect your brand equity, who wants that? You could put together a perfect meal, but your delivery partner messes it up for you. Nobody wants to eat a cold messy-looking meal. Rude delivery employees can also cause problems and affect your brand name. Talking bad about your brand with customers is another issue. At YYT Food Corp, we understand the challenges to choose the right delivery partner and how important it can be. That is why we carefully choose, not just our delivery partners, but all of our stakeholders. Everyone in the business is extremely professional and well-trained.

Choosing a delivery partner once and for all

With that fast pace of life, many people are moving towards ordering food from home or work. The process of choosing a delivery partner can be hard and time-consuming. The service should be quick and professional. However, once you find the right one for your business, you’re now on the right track and you save yourself a lot of hassle. Some customers don’t even visit your restaurant themselves; a delivery partner is their only point of contact. That’s why we recommend you give it your complete time and energy.