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Tips To Improve Loyalty And Generate UGC

Building loyalty between the restaurant and its customers

At YYT, we understand that building brand loyalty is a superior aspect of your business running effectively. Brand loyalty is the repeated pattern of customers purchasing goods or services from the same brand regularly. They also tend to avoid their favorite brand’s competition, and despite being swayed by offers or sales, they automatically choose to visit the brand they know, love, and are loyal to.

Customers can develop deep loyalty to everything from the shampoo they use daily down to the restaurants they choose to eat from to the cars they choose to drive. And this loyalty is a very valuable benefit to brands. Today, customers have thousands of options for almost every product and service they seek. And in that world of choices and varieties, it is important to establish your restaurant as the one customer’s are loyal to and keep coming back to.

How to make your restaurant one of your customer’s favorites

At YYT Food Corp, we understand the challenges of building brand loyalty, as well as improving loyalty, and the best way we believe to do that is by using user-generated content, which can be done with a few simple steps.

First, you should share your restaurant’s user-generated content everywhere. To make sure it has the biggest impact possible, share it on all of your pages and your website to increase its viewings. When you do share user-generated content, always ensure that you give credit to the user who shared it, and thank them for their contribution to your brand. This helps ensure that your customers know that you value their opinion and their contribution. You can also curate your social feed to find and display user-generated content for your restaurant on your website and social pages, giving your visitors a nice welcome and increasing their brand loyalty to your restaurant.

Second, you should ensure that user-generated content is at the center of your online page communities. This feels organic for your visitors and also helps users connect with you and other fans of your restaurant. Sharing the user-generated content your brand receives and using that to tell not only your brand’s story but also the stories and experiences of your customers is the perfect way to do this. All you have to do is share the content of your customers and invite other customers with a call to action to also share their opinion on the matter, therefore building your brand’s image and story, one customer at a time, and eventually building an online community.

Third, user-generated content is an excellent marketing tool for your restaurant. It is also the most authentic. By using your user-generated content as your restaurant’s marketing, you are telling your restaurant customer’s that you value their opinion and you’re providing them with a story that is authentic and makes other customers trust your brand more. This content can be used both in-store and on social media, as well as in emailers to customers, increasing your brand loyalty across all channels.

The importance of creating a UGC campaign for your restaurant

As we continue to live in an increasingly competitive and digital world, it is more important to create brand loyalty with your customers towards your restaurant. It matters just as much as the products and services you provide, and helps you gain and retain your customers. Luckily, user-generated content is one of the best ways to achieve that brand loyalty.