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April 23, 2018
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Tips To Improve Restaurant Quality Control

tips for improving quality control_yyt

Introduction about the Quality Control Concept

Restaurant quality control plays a major role in the overall success of your restaurant. In order to ensure that all of the dishes that make up your menu taste the best, that the kitchen and dining area cleanliness is always impeccable, and that your customers get the same top level service, experience and quality each time they visit your restaurant, you must first ensure the quality control of your restaurant is the best that it can be.

Restaurant quality assurance is something you have to take care of in an ongoing effort to maintain it and is an everyday effort and has to be taken care of by the whole staff. It is crucial for restaurant managers and teams to understand the importance of quality control in your restaurant to ensure food safety, food production and services, restaurant cleanliness and the proper training of your staff to guarantee the smooth operation of your restaurant.

Here are some tips to follow in order to improve your restaurant’s quality control with your whole team.

Quality Control in Restaurants

Quality control in restaurants covers excellence, superiority, safety, worth and value. One important thing to remember with quality control in restaurants is it isn’t just about the output of your restaurant such as your food, service, cleanliness, and so on. It’s also about how you make your customers feel valued. This is done by making sure your customers have a valuable experience when they enter your restaurant, as well as how they remember your restaurant after they’re gone.

You can ensure you provide this kind of atmosphere in a number of ways, namely through employing the right staff that is committed to providing the best value to your team and customers, separating quality control from the cost of your restaurant’s expenses, providing great value and food safety, food production and services, restaurant cleanliness and the management of your staff to keep the customers happy as content employees do their jobs perfectly and provide excellent customer satisfaction and service.

Quality Control in the Kitchen

When ensuring restaurant quality control in the kitchen, everything from your equipment to your ingredients plays a part. Despite it seeming time consuming and expensive, updating your kitchen equipment regularly and making sure you have fresh, high quality ingredients, clean dishes and sanitary methods of food preparation, can help you save more in the long run. It maintains your customer loyalty and restaurant reputation. Devices like portable ionizers, organic food checkers, smart meters to identify areas of wastage, smart refrigerators and smart label sensors to track moisture levels of food are a few of the many updated technologies you can employ in your kitchen to maintain the cleanliness and safety of all your food.

Internal Quality Control Checklist

To define the success of your restaurant through its quality control procedures, here is an internal quality control checklist for you to follow:

The food quality.

The kitchen, equipment, and cleanliness.

The dining environment of your restaurant, from linens to glasses.

The training and management of your staff.

About YYT Group

The YYT Food Group was established with the unique goal of bringing our customers international style food courts, to eat and enjoy international cuisines, prepared fast, fresh and accessible to everyone. A major priority of our business is to ensure the best quality control in all of our restaurants. With restaurants pertaining to rules in effect in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and KSA, we ensure there is franchise quality control in all of our branches.

We have an unparalleled commitment to delivering the best customer service, while delivering multi brand, in multi-market food solutions. We also always ensure our customers experience up-to-date F&B concepts in fast casual and quick service restaurants.