Teriyaki Experience 2.0 in Mall Of The Emirates Dubai
Opening of Teriyaki Experience 2.0 in Mall Of The Emirates Dubai
October 22, 2018


The competition is high in the QSR industry. Every opportunity that you come across is a take it or leave-it-to-another- business kind of deal. That is why everyone in charge is doing their best not to miss on any gate where their customers might be. Mobile advertising is one of those gates that are hard to overlook. Your customers probably have their phones on them every moment of every day. The goal is to be in the moment, the right moment, with your customer. You probably already know that mobile advertising is a not-to-miss opportunity. The question is, why is it becoming more important than ever?

People are spending more time on their phones than ever

Mobile advertising is important for more reasons than what we can count. Yet, the most obvious of them all is the amount of time we spend using them. Mobile phones became part of who we are. According to a worldwide study by Statista in 2017, almost half of the respondents said they spend five hours or more everyday on their smartphone. We are using our phone to do almost everything: we navigate websites, checking the best deals on different apps, connect through social media, talk to others, and even use them to capture our best memories. Mobile Phones are also entrainment tools and way to look up information. Whether we like it or not, we became glued to our phones. As QSR operators, we need to make the most out of this opportunity. We need to capture the attention of our customers and get them talking about us where they are most available at. “We are now in a mobile-centric world and it’s becoming clear that the future of digital marketing is mobile. This year we’ve focused our marketing efforts on mobile advertising campaigns. We’ve worked with our delivery partners on different format such as mobile banners or geolocalisation promotion” says Melanie Jean, YYT Food Corp. Marketing Manager.

Short Message Service (SMS) over emails

SMS has one of the highest open rates compared to other digital channels. It was proven than SMS has a higher open rate than emails, almost five times higher. Activating the SMS service and utilizing it right to appeal to your target can guide them towards choosing your service over competition. If customers are not sure about you they will look you up online, probably using their mobile phones. That is another reason to pay attention to your mobile marketing plan. Other types of mobile advertising that have high open rates are app and banner ads. Utilizing all of these will positively improve your results.

A cost effective tool

Compared to other marketing channels, mobile advertising is a very cost-effective choice. It helps you reach highly active and targeted audience and, most importantly, deliver your message straight into the hands of the customers. No need to spend so much money on printing ads, TV slots, or radio ads. Mobile ads saves you money compared to the wide range coverage.

Utilize mobile advertising for better results

We can never emphasize the importance of tailoring your marketing efforts to be mobile-friendly. As a QSR operator, you need to create a cohesive mobile marketing plan It is never too late for you to take part in this constantly expanding market. The world is always looking for creative ways to showcase their offerings and that could be you.